Slice 20: Saturday Morning

Every Saturday morning is the same thing. It’s like she knows we can sleep in, so she doesn’t. On school days she tries to stay in bed as long as possible, so why does she leap out of bed ready to take on the day on the weekends?! Ugh.

Every Saturday morning, her little voice calling to me slowly drags me out of my slumber. Oh, how I miss the no alarm clock, no little voice weekend mornings.

Every Saturday morning, she asks to snuggle up on the couch with her stuffies and babies to watch whichever Disney movie is currently on repeat. She goes in spurts- when she likes something, it’s all she asks about. Currently, it’s Tangled.

Every Saturday morning, I get her all settled in and cozy to watch her show of choice and I head back upstairs to get dressed to workout. In 2020, that meant basement workouts via Zoom, but now it means heading to the church gym to meet my friends.

Every Saturday morning, I ask her to guess where she thinks I’m going. It’s our little routine. She says- to workout. I say- yes. Her follow up- in the basement? Mine- no sweetie, going with my friends in person.

Every Saturday morning, it goes something like that. She tries to convince me that I can in fact still workout in the basement so she can join in, little pink weight in hand. Her little voice saying- but Mommy, I want to workout with you!

Every Saturday morning, as I struggle to get moving and my eyes feel like they’re barely open, I am reminded of something. This is our new normal. This is our routine. This is one way I am modeling for her that girls can and should be strong. I love that she loves to “workout” with me. I hope she always wants to do things together! 🥰

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